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Integrated Energy Management Solution

Eugene Enerfarm have developed the integrated energy management solution service containing real time visualization of energy storage and
consumption and monitoring and analysis of PCS and battery system. We provide the comprehensive energy use information and guide of the most
efficient energy consumption for users. Our solution especially benefits effective cost and profitability management in buildings and plants combined
ESS tariff.

  • · Integrally operates facilities such as ESS, CCTVs,
    constant temperature and humidity units
  • · Visualizes, monitors, and notifies the flow of energy
    through various sensors during the storage or usage
    of energy
  • · Collects, records, accumulates, analyzes, predicts and
    reports data for each energy source, procedure and load
  • · Manages energy efficiently by conducting diagnosis on
    the safety of ESS and controlling its condition
  • · Provides a user-oriented environment for monitoring
    and control (users can customize the monitoring screen
    through Drag & Drop)
  • · By easily setting the alarm parameter values,
    the user can receive alarms through SMS, E-mail, etc.
  • · Remote control of CCTV, monitoring, accumulation of
    video information are provided
  • · Searching for operation information, user logs and
    various event logs are provided / Document print-out
    function is provided
  • · Improves system security by providing individual account

Eugene Enerfarm EMS Features

Eugene Enerfarm EMS provides optimal ESS operation control which is installed in one or various sites based on cloud services.
Also, EMS monitors, analyzes and maintains optimally the ESS status through remotely-controlled system.
Eugene Enerfarm EMS enables efficient management of battery life and maintenance cost.

  • · Controls and protects each battery in the ESS
  • · Checks the State Of Charge (SOC) and State Of Health
    (SOH) of batteries / Stabilizes the cells
    (Cell Balancing / Cooling)
  • · Provides central control of multiple individual BMS/
    Provides remote control through web/mobile
  • · Records, stores, analyzes and reports the history of all
    information managed
  • · Manages demand charge and energy charge
  • · Supplies the cloud based service
  • · Sends alarms regarding the conditions of the system
    (Webpage, SMS, E-Mail)
  • · Manages all ESS from small to large capacity
  • · Controls charge and discharge of ESS linked with PV power
    station and real time generation profits affording SMP and
    REC price data